What Is Truth?

    Truth is something that has been debated since the world has begun. What is truth? What makes something true? What is that concept of truth even? It’s a hard one to explain. Merriam-Webster defines truth as “sincerity in action, character, and utterance” and “the state of being the case….the body of real things, events, and facts”. Basically, the idea of truth consists of things that are right and real and…well…true. It’s incredibly difficult to define in human terms. Nowadays we have many different venues of truth. Truth, today, seems to  have two meanings. There are the truths we take for granted-gravity, math, the Earth is round, and we have tides and wind helps birds fly. That kind of stuff.  Physical truths. We also have moral truths-which today, are defined as whatever makes you feel “right” inside, whatever makes you feel good.  What’s true and right for me may work for me, but not necessarily for you; you have your own set of truths and values that you live by. It’s relative and subjective and it depends on the person.

However, this is a belief I don’t particularly subscribe to. You see, my truth is a pretty simple one. I believe that Jesus is truth. Yes, Jesus. In both physical truth and moral truth, the answer is Jesus. In John chapter 14, Jesus says “…I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” To me, that says it all. Jesus is my truth-and not only that, He is THE Truth. So because of that-what things are true to me?

Things like loving my neighbor, and my enemy. Things I believe like that you shouldn’t discriminate, or have sexual biases.  My belief that we shouldn’t have capital punishment-that Jesus still loves those criminals, and so should I, and we should try and help them rather than just take a life. My belief that EVERYONE has a right to life. That marriage is between one man and one woman.  How I feel that we SHOULD do things to help the poor and disenfranchised. That we should not be making fun of anyone for their perceived shortcomings and flaws, because we all have our own. These are things that are true to me, but they are true because Jesus has said them, and He is Truth.

Now, that may sound silly to some. I mean-not everything has to do with religion, right? We have things like science, and math that are true. Two plus two equals four and you don’t really see Jesus in that at all.  Plus, there’s no way one man could be Truth. Jesus didn’t discover gravity. Newton did. To say Jesus is Truth for things like addition is silly. And to say He is the way morally, is wrong! There are many good teachers and philosophers that all had their own take on how we should live. To say His truth is the only one is putting him on a very high pedestal-saying that everything he ever said, and did, was right and correct, and that nothing else should ever be considered. He was a man! We all mess up; to give him that credit is not right.

For me, however, I see things differently. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God, fully God and fully Man. He was capable of sin as a man, yet He lived perfectly and died on a cross because of His life. His blood was spilt so that I could be set free from the sin and bondage of this world. To me, this is truth. There are ways of thinking out there that are true, to an extent-but they lack Jesus, and therefore are not Truth.

I believe the way I was brought up is the biggest influence on why I believe Jesus is Truth. I was raised by a Christian mother and a not-so-Christian father. The way she taught me led me to just know that God was real, that Jesus did love me and that His commandments were true. Later on in life, my belief in Him was put to the test. I went into a period where I was torn between following God and the pressures of society around me. My friends were not the greatest influences, I was depressed a lot, I listened to music that told me things contrary to what I had been raised to believe. I believed that lie that as a kid my parents wouldn’t understand the things I went through, and therefore remained silent as I hurt inside. The kids at school said they would be there for me-but slowly, they pushed me out of their circle until I remained hanging on, at the fringes. Later on-my junior year-My parents were divorced. My mother spiraled into depression and told me she didn’t believe in the God she raised me to believe in anymore. For her, life was too much and last summer she gave in to the lies that sometimes, a bullet is the best way to end the pain. This would be enough for most people to give up on believing in only one truth. Trying to follow that while everything falls apart around you? It may have been a better idea to go and just find what truth made me happy. God obviously didn’t do anything for my mom. He couldn’t be the true way if He drove people to kill themselves and was so hard to follow and please, right?

The individualistic nature of the culture I’ve grown up in was a huge pressure. I see it everywhere-I have to be my own man, to do what I can for myself and make my own way. This past year, I took that mentality into some serious consideration on a cold night as I debated on whether my own way ended in sleep. I wanted control; I wanted to be able to make a decision for once. But it was at this point that I realized that God was the only thing that remained true in my life. It was my belief in Him and what His son did on the cross that kept me from following my mother last year. It was my belief that the life He lived, and the death that He died, was enough to pull me through anything. It had before. It pulled me through middle school depression. The truth within the covers of that Bible was enough to keep me searching, seeking some form of solace through freshman and sophomore year. It was enough to get me through divorce and hospital visits and my mother’s suicide. And the Truth that is Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, was enough to keep me safe and let me cry out my sorrow, instead of shooting it or hanging it and ending my own life.

So, God is my truth. From Him all things flow. The ideas that we have about the things that are true all stem from His true nature. Things like being loving. Having joy-real joy. Being a patient person. Being a kind person, a good person. Faithfulness and integrity in word and deed. Controlling one’s self. Loving your neighbor as yourself. Helping those who can’t help themselves. Being empathetic. These are all truths of the human condition, yes? These are things that are good and right and we all accept. As humans it’s just accepted that you help someone who needs it. You do good and good will come back to you. You be selfless and loving and kind and merciful and correct a friend when necessary. These things all come from God. And things like science, math-the things that we just believe are so concrete-who came up with these ideas? Who gave us a brain? Who gave us thought? Where did our conscience come from? The leaps and bounds we make barely crack the surface of why the sunset just inspires feelings of immense awe and joy in our hearts. We think we know all this and discover it ourselves, but really we are just given a glimpse of how great and vast our God is. So the truths that seem at odds with Christ? He made them. To say that belief in God is the opposite of science is ludicrous-He made it. God is my physical truth and my moral truth. He is my everything.

Romans 11:36 says that “For everything comes from Him and exists by His power and is intended for His glory. All glory to Him forever! Amen”. This is my truth. All that is good in this world, and all that is right and true to me, comes from my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.