About Me.

preacherman     My name is Michael Jerome. Call me M.J. I am a twenty year old young man who is in the process of figuring out what this life is all about. I’ve been a Christian since 2010, and I’ve been really growing deeper in the faith since 2012. In the past few years my life has been shifted and tossed and turned and thrown every which way. But I have grown for it.
I love to do a lot of different things! Writing has to be one of my favorite-or I wouldn’t have this blog. I also play my guitars (Monica and Chandler!) and sing, I love photography, and I love to be out and about in nature. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends and just being a kid. Life isn’t that long, and I aim to enjoy all the little moments while I can.
I attend Concordia University Wisconsin, where I aim to get my degree in theology. After that, God only knows! I know I have a call to be a preacher. In the meantime I have accepted a position as a pastoral intern at my church, and I also do God-wrought spoken word pieces (like slam poetry). II will use my words to do work for the Kingdom!

I hope that you all find this blog helpful, insightful, and inspired. God bless you in your walk with life!

If you have any questions at all, you can leave a comment or reach me at michael.j3rome@gmail.com


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My journey through life as a young man in Christ

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