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What Did You Say? Improving Your Listening Skills, Day 0-2: The Conclusion


     So this is it. This is the end of the blog. The results, however, will have a lasting affect. I have learned so much about how to listen more effectively. I do believe I achieved the goal I set for myself, which was “To become a better listener-to employ active listening skills more frequently, and to have a better memory of conversations.”
     First, I am definitely a better listener. I employ my active listening skills in conversations as much as possible. Now, this isn’t to say that I’m perfect now, because I’m not. But I am much more attentive now. I am aware of myself and my actions, my verbal responses, my nonverbal behaviors. It’s always in the back of my head. Second, I think I do have a better memory of conversations. Because I’m paying closer attention to conversations I’m in, I retain more of what I hear. I think it’s the conscious effort of BEING in the conversation that allows me to remember it better. 
     I definitely want to retain and refine these skills. This isn’t something that’s just been done for a class. This is something I take seriously! It’s been a problem with me for far too long, and the skills I’ve learned here have given me a giant step forward in resolving some issues. From my last blog, I said that I needed to listen better to people.. I have definitely achieved that!

I think something that I’ve discovered that I need to work on now is the other side of this-my speaking. I know this was a goal in my first blog, but now I’m going to specifically look on what kinds of things do I disclose to people, misinterpreting information, getting my own points across. Then, I’ll have bettered myself in an overall rounded fashion-speaking and listening. After all, this is a skill I’ll be using the rest of my life. 

Thank you all for reading along!