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Where Did I Go Wrong? (Reflection for 9/14)

“Her uncleanness was in her skirts; she took no thought of her future. Therefore her fall is terrible; she has no comforter. ‘O Lord, behold my affliction, for the enemy has triumphed!”
-Lamentations 1:9
ROTD (reflection of the day):
Don’t let your arrogance lead to your consequence.
If we go through life thinking we can follow God AND continue in our same patterns of sin. There is an inevitable spiral that will occur. You can’t serve God and yourself. Because of our sinful nature, allowing ourselves to continue to dwell in a place of sin only strengthens those desires and ways, and we fall into them more and more. The bible tells us to resist the devil and he will flee, but we often forget that first we must “draw near to God, and He will draw near to you” (James 4:8). We must have an attitude of continually trying to draw closer to God, to fixate our eyes on Him, to do all that is within us to serve Him wholeheartedly. If you keep living in sin, don’t blame God for why life has suddenly gotten harder to live-examine the way you are living, first. Oftentimes, when we try to blame God for why some things in life have taken a turn, He points us back to our own actions. Just because you are a Christian doesn’t mean that your actions never have consequences anymore. So think of your future-think about whether what you want to do is aligned with the way God would have you act and conduct yourself. Be conscious of the fact that Satan is ALWAYS around, waiting for that moment when he can trip you up. So be alert! Be in the Word, in prayer, in communication, in fellowship, and always looking up. Then you won’t have to ask, “where did I go wrong?”
Lord, keep my mind focused on the long run. There is more to life than just this life, but what I do here does affect what I’ll be doing for eternity. Help me to not worry about tomorrow, but to continually be aware of Your presence with me. Help me to pray, to read, to seek, and to be aware that the things I do, do have consequences. I love You, God, and I want to serve you with all that I have. Keep me awake to the workings of Satan, and help me to be aware of my actions.

In Jesus’ name, Amen. 


How To Walk the Narrow Road! Day 5: BYOB-Bring Your Own Bible

Before I begin, I apologize for not blogging this weekend. I was incredibly busy! I have returned, though, and we shall pick up where we left off. We are halfway through this series, and today’s topic is one of utmost importance. So PAY ATTENTION! It’s about how to stay in God’s Word. 

15Study to show yourself approved to God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

-2 Timothy 2:15


Remember when you were first saved, and you had this unquenchable zeal to read the Bible? You wanted to find out as much as you could as fast as possible. You were excited, enthused, about the Word of God. Then, as time went on, life started to get hectic. You’d skip a day of reading here and there. It’s okay. God understands, you’re busy. Then before you know it, you barely pick the thing up.
“Oh, but yes I’m  a Christian! I love God so, soooo much.

What? No, I don’t know what the Bible says about that.
Ask the pastor. 
You don’t go to church?

Well, I wish I could help, but I can’t. I’ll pray for you.”


There is a lackadaisical attitude today towards the Bible. It’s been slandered, cut down, pushed around, outsold, and ignored. It’s the most controversial book ever written. Why? Because it contains truth. The Bible is the living, breathing, Word of God. 

 ”  1In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.He was in the beginning with God. 3All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being .4In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men.The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”

-John 1:1-4.

The Word of God is Christ Himself. Jesus IS the Word of God. Wrap your mind around that for a second. Do you know what this means? It means that this isn’t just some book, written thousands of years ago by some men and then the meaning has been lost through translation, or any of those theories. It is alive! It was applicable then and it is still now. While the times and customs have changed, Jesus hasn’t. 

“For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.”

-Hebrews 4:12


Again, the Word is alive. It isn’t a set of rules and regulations all listed out. The Word of God applies to each of our lives specifically. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read the SAME VERSE and had it speak something different to me every time. That’s because this is a way God communicates with us-through His Word. Remember the last lesson? We need to have a good relationship, good communication with the Lord to stay strong and in His ways. The Bible is the biggest way that God communicates with us! It tells us everything we need to know about..anything! 
No, there aren’t specific verses dealing with tattoos, directly. But there are verses that speak of honoring God with our bodies. There isn’t a command that church has to be on a Sunday, or a Saturday. But God does speak to the fact that we need a day of rest in Him. The Word deals with each of our lives in a very personal way. That’s the amazing thing about our God. He wrote a book that can speak to you as you need it and me as I need it. That’s because it’s alive. 


That’s the first reason it’s important to read God’s Word. He speaks to us through it! What does He speak? Words of comfort, rebuke, joy, admonition, reproach, praise, peace. The history within it gives us stories of people who are just like us! It shows us how to and how not to live. It shows us what wretched people WE are, and how perfect our God is. 
” 16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:”

-2 Timothy 3:16


ALL Scripture. Not just some of it. Not just, the rules and commandments. Not just, it’s a cool book with good stories that teach you how to live. It is DIVINELY INSPIRED AND WRITTEN. How else do you think that the same gospel message could have been carried across? over 2,000 years of history and the same story is being told. I find that incredible. We need to get in our hearts that this isn’t just another book. Again, it’s alive, and it’s supernaturally written. Men wrote it, but the book is God’s. And if God is perfect, so is His Word. If the Word is perfect, then the things said in it must be exactly as they are. And if THAT is true, the commandments and guides given on how we should live must also be perfect. 

The message for today, is, 

God’s perfect Word should be the rock of our imperfect lives. 

We mess up. We make mistakes we fall back we fall away run away hide deny…all these things. But if we base our lives upon the Word of God and strive to live according to it, then we will be okay. I mess up every single day. Before I wrote this, I was distracted and stressed till God just told me to go pray and write. My girlfriend said the same thing. Getting into His Word, meditating on the Lord and reading what He has given us will straighten our lives out in no time!

But, how come so many “Christians” believe so many different things? What’s right?

The answer to that, dear reader, is discernment by way of the Holy Spirit. 

The Holy Spirit is the third member of the Godhead-God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. How that works, I don’t know. Don’t ask me. All I know is that it is all God but yet a separate entity. When Jesus ascends into Heaven He sends the Holy Spirit to be a guide and a help until He returns. (John 14:26). The Holy Spirit is here to give us guidance, insight, and discernment into the Word of God. There is one right interpretation of the Bible. We just don’t know it, by our own nature. With the Holy Spirit that is imparted into us upon being born again, we can begin to figure that out. Now, I am of the belief that just because there is a disagreement about something biblical, it doesn’t mean one person isn’t truly living for the Lord. There will always be mistakes and misinterpretations. Our job as believers is to not fight about it, but to sit down and let the Holy Spirit minister to us in figuring things out. If we allow God to guide us as we read, He will never show us wrong. Getting into the Word of God helps you to get to know God-both intellectually and, more so, spiritually. The best thing to do (and I’ve seen it myself happen) when a disagreement arises, or you personally don’t understand something, is ask the Author who wrote it! And sometimes we aren’t meant to know everything right now. That’s okay. We aren’t called to figure out the Bible completely; it’s not possible. We are called to be in it daily, learning from and about our Lord and savior. 

In conclusion, the Word of God is so, so so important. It gives us direction and clarity on life. It is a direct line with God because it IS God. It helps us to navigate through tough situations, and it teaches us how to become more like Christ. It is the final authority on all subjects and all matters, because it was written by the highest authority. I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I am not ashamed of the Word of the Lord it is contained in. Even if it’s just for a few minutes a day, read God’s Word. It has the power to transform you, to renew broken spirits, to set fire to a soul, to turn weeping into dancing. It convicts, it reproaches, it encourages. It endures time. It is eternal, because it is God, and God is eternal. Read your Word and get to know God. You will be better equipped to handle life’s situations, people’s questions, your own wonders and desires. It will help you to know God. 


God bless, 

~Michael Wright, Jr.~